When faced with the choice of either leveraging SAS® On-Demand services or bringing everything in-house, there’s a third alternative for the best of both worlds – Validated Cloud. SAS provides a full end-to-end solution, but you pay a premium for their service. Those who are in need of hosted SAS and who examine hosting it in-house must evaluate whether they wish to embark upon the following:

  • Deploying a validated platform to host SAS
  • Writing the validation scripts and SOPs governing the management of SAS data
  • Having competency with the SAS platform
  • Maintaining compliance and availability

By purchasing the SAS platform and hosting it in Validated Cloud, we create the on-demand platform that you desire. Hosting SAS with Validated Cloud makes the application available to onsite and remote users without compromising corporate security – it keeps your SAS instance completely secure within a high availability infrastructure.

Other considerations:

  • Since SAS is a dynamic tool, customized SOPs are needed to maintain a validated state and a validation package (IQs/OQs) is required for the platform.
  • Disaster Recovery is essential to protect the data and, if data needs to be restored, timely retrieval is critical so that work can continue.
  • When evaluating other options, keep the storage costs in mind – for both the production and archival environments.
  • When looking at a short-term need, the combination of compliant hosting, purchasing SAS Server and validating should be evaluated against other options.

Whereas, all of these hidden requirements can drive up the cost for deploying a SAS solution, Validated Cloud can add value. We have IQ and OQ templates for the platform, have experience supporting SAS in compliance-bound environments and have incorporated disaster recovery, archival and system hibernation – including written SOPs to govern their maintenance – into our suite of a la carte support services so that you can deploy SAS at a lower operation expense.