Validation as a Service  (VaaS™)

Software Validation per 21 CFR Part 820 – VaaS™ is a dynamic software validation service that addresses many compliance needs both inside and outside of Validated Cloud. We will assist with the software validation as part of the on-boarding of Validated Cloud service. Validated Cloud will provide audit preparedness prior to third-party audits. Having Validation as a Service can help you plan budgets, keep routine compliance activities performed and act as your compliance liaison and trusted adviser. Validated Cloud has a library of validation templates and qualification scripts in our library and ready to use.

Prepared Validation Packages and SOPs for Resale

Validated Cloud has prepared purchasable validation packages and SOPs. These documents are designed to expedite the validation process. These templates are ready customization to have intended use and can be aligned to your expected business processes.

Standard Operating Procedures Core Templates:

  • Computer System Validation
    • Policy for Computer System Validation Master Plan
    • Validation Strategy
    • Software Assessment Procedure
    • Risk Assessment
    • Required Documents
    • Configuration Design Specification
    • Installation Qualification (IQ)
    • Operational Qualification (OQ)
    • Performance Qualification (PQ)
    • Trace Matrix (TMX) and Validation Summary Report (VSR)
  • Good Documentation Practices (GDP)
  • GxP Training SOP
  • Vendor Management and Assessment
  • SAS® Usage SOPs
    • Programming Standards
    • Archiving Data
    • Statistical Reports
    • QC Validation

Current Validation Package(s):

  • SAS


Current Qualification Package(s):

  • SAS (Requires consulting engagement)


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VaaS Other Validation Services

Our Software validation team will work with your business to create User, Functional and System design specifications all the way through the IQ/OQ/PQ, SOP development and the Validation summary. Our Validation strategy is based on a traditional IQ/OQ/PQ framework commensurate with risk. Validated Cloud’s Validation team is highly flexible to the needs of your organization. We provide computer system validation resources for a one-stop-shop.

With purchased commercial software or in-house developed applications, the user requirements need to be fully developed to map to the PQ. Purchasing a validation package from a vendor can only get you partially through the process. An experienced validation person will be able to navigate you through the process effectively and efficiently.

  • Purchasing validation packages and Validated Cloud will greatly reduce the time and effort to deployment.
  • User Requirement development and corresponding PQ development are critical bookends that need experienced personnel.
The installation and operational qualifications can be separate or combined documents. These take the form of IQ, OQ or IOQ. There are advantages to separating the IQ and OQ, but it does create some overhead for document maintenance. VaaS™ will help you develop the IQ, OQ or IOQ framework. Once the user requirements are completed, VaaS™ will help you develop the PQ for the application.
Validated application deployments, migrations and upgrades should have a Quality plan. VaaS™ will help you develop the Quality plan. The plan should include the roles, responsibilities, controls, managing deviations, expected outcomes and how risk is managed. A well-written Quality plan and subsequent execution of the plan will defend the validated state of your application upon deployment.

  • Quality plan encompasses roles, responsibilities, control and assurance activities.
  • VaaS™ will assist you to integrate the Validated Cloud document package into your Quality plan.
One of Validated Cloud’s biggest advantages is the robust and developed SOP framework to manage all aspects of the infrastructure, servers, databases and other service platforms. Each customer receives its own SOP as part of a deployment. The customer SOP can include the support of the application and data. VaaS™ will assist you with the SOP development to manage your application and data.

Why Choose Us

      • Experienced staff from the Biotech, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industries.
      • Experience deploying commercial and self-developed applications
      • Experience with upgrades and migrations