Validated SAS®: The Life Science Critical System

With Validated SAS, get the security, service and validation every company deserves

What Your Validated SAS Solution Deserves

Best in Class Compliance

A complete compliance solution that fits your need,

Premiere Quality and CSV

Sleep well at night when your validated SAS® installation is with Validated Cloud

World Class Security

SAS data is critical to protect

IEC/ISO 27001 Certified

Validated Cloud is certified international security standards. We adhere to HIPAA and GDPR too!

Get Complete Support

Why settle for anything less than the complete solution

Clearly Defined Support

Validated Cloud clearly defines all roles and responsibilities for the support of your critical SAS® environment.

Validated SAS® can be fruitful in configuration options as Life Science organizations all have varying user workflows, compliance requirements and data security needs. For example, a Pharmaceutical’s SAS® environment requirements vary greatly from a CRO. Even different size Pharmaceutical companies requirements can vary greatly. With Validated Cloud, we design the SAS® environment to meet your requirements day-1, or leverage our starter solution and grow from there. We host and support SAS® instances large and small and scaled many from large to small without costly re-platforming. Make your SAS® strategy successful with Validated Cloud.    

  • 20% Faster than AWS

  • 40% Faster than Azure

  • Use your Company Username and Password

  • Designed for the best user experience possible

  • Scale Quickly

  • Super User Access

  • Massive Storage

  • Designed for Speed

Build for Today and Tomorrow

Build the complete SAS® environment your company needs. Validated Cloud provides a high-speed and highly-available platform for SAS® and we can host and deploy the entire analytics ecosystem (e.g. Pinnacle 21, R, RStudio, Adobe). Versioning and audit trail solutions are available as our solution operates as simply as a sushi menu. While vanilla is a fantastic flavor, Life Science companies that leverage SAS® need to mirror their workflows and processes so the validation is defend-able and works for the users. 

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