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  • GxP Private Cloud - Validated Cloud

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

For companies looking to manage their own systems, databases, anti-virus and patching, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is an excellent choice. Validated Cloud manages the backups of the systems and the customer manages the rest of the systems. These systems are part of the Qualified IaaS platform which satisfies the Annex 11, HIPAA and the FDA predicate rule that the infrastructure must be qualified. This service frees your IT group from the Qualification process of the infrastructure and managing the underlying lifecycle of the infrastructure.

Validated Cloud IaaS Benefits

Set up your own Qualified platform quickly to lower the cost and time to delivery of Validated projects. Having a library of common-platform IQs and OQs, Validated Cloud can accelerate and bypass required development of these mandatory documents. Validated Cloud is built to keep all customers completely segregated and secure.

The Validated Cloud was built in a way that customers can scale from one system and then grow as needed. Each customer is given a private network space with ample room to grow. This avoids costly reconfigurations later. Validated Cloud is not an on-demand service for new servers, and that allows us to plan accordingly to meet your growth needs and protect you from risk.

  • Only purchase what you need – when you need it.
  • Validated Cloud architects and engineers will help you design and implement your private FDA-type Qualified IaaS cloud.
Validated Cloud was built since inception to host validated data and applications. The Quality system and Qualification process is open for audits. This transparency in operations and documentation is important and should be demanded by our customers. The datacenters were fully Qualified since inception. The Quality system manages any changes in the underlying infrastructure, changes are pre-approved, documented and objective evidence is captured.
Validated Cloud gives you the ability to separate the GxP systems using the FDA-compliant Qualified IaaS. This “GxP Network” removes almost all validated system dependencies on the corporate network. This frees corporate IT to evolve the IT infrastructure without impacting the validated systems. By encapsulating the GxP systems in their own network, the costs of measuring validated system risk is removed.

  • Extend your GxP network without purchasing new equipment.
  • Deploy systems quickly while maintaining compliance and control.
Validated Cloud owns and operates every piece of equipment within the environment. All SAN, NAS, Server, Network Equipment and other components to the service delivery are Qualified. Validated Cloud personnel are trained to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and have the experience or certification to perform their job duties and work in the environment.

Why Choose Us

      • Validated Cloud has the experience to operate a qualified infrastructure
      • We manage your system backups
      • Validated Cloud manages the lifecycle of the infrastructure
      • When we deploy your systems, you receive a Qualification package and Validation release memo