• Physically Separate GxP Private Cloud

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

For customers looking to have their operating system, databases and Citrix environments managed, PaaS is the best option. PaaS allows our customers to focus on the application and data. Validated Cloud offers the full Qualification of the infrastructure and supporting platforms such as operating systems, databases, Citrix and web servers. Validated Cloud manages the patching, maintenance and break/fix activity. All of the ongoing maintenance is carefully documented to keep your systems properly qualified.

PaaS – Expanding the Possibilities

Free your IT, Quality and Validation departments from the development of Qualification documentation. Producing a high quality qualification document, testing and reviews will take the focus of your key personnel away from more critical tasks. The development and maintaince of IT-based SOPs doesn’t create any value for the company. These Validated Cloud Qualification documents and SOPs are available for audit and review. Don’t reinvent the wheel – free your company.

Software companies that produce software to be used as part of a validated application or to manage validated data leverage PaaS. Why? The reason is simple – core competency and a turn-key solution to a Software as a Service. Validated Cloud works with software companies to design their SaaS environment for maximum efficiency and operational support. More and more life science companies are looking for Validated SaaS solutions. Having a partner in Validated Cloud to backstop all of the underlying compliance and operational management of the platform frees the customer to focus resources on procuring new business or supporting existing business.

  • Are you prepared for customer audits of your hosting environment?
  • Can you provide a highly available and fully redundant platform for your SaaS offering?
  • Leveraging a datacenter for servers, storage and hands-on resources is not compliant.
  • Amazon, Azure, RackSpace and others in this space are not compliant. This is why Validated Cloud was created.
The electronic Case Report Form (eCRF) regulation requires all clinical data pertaining to an individual drug to be located in one consolidated system. This is particularly important to Clinical Research Organizations (CROs). Smaller CROs work in networks. Each CRO may have one or more specialties and cannot be a full service CRO. They partner with other specialty CROs to create a virtual full service CRO. The process works quite well. The eCRF regulation makes it more difficult for these networks to single-locate all of the data since they are spread out. Validated Cloud helps manage a collaboration between CROs by managing the infrastructure for the collaboration. The sponsoring CRO will manage the ELN or LIMS used and Validated Cloud will manage the rest.
CROs can take advantage of our scalable platform to run systems during clinical trials and archive them between trials. Validated Cloud becomes a more controlled operating expense for hosting Clinical Trail Management Software (CTMS). CROs can hibernate systems between trials, add additional systems and storage needs or open access to components of their CTMS to their partners or customers.

  • Control start-up costs for deploying validated systems.
  • Reduce overhead for validated systems between clinical trials.
When two or more companies collaborate to commercialize a product or share research, Validated Cloud will act as your collaboration portal. Having a third party manage the system alleviates the burden of configuring access into the host corporate network and has Validated Cloud as the safeguard of the data and access. Validated Cloud will take snapshots of data and audit access for a secure managed solution.

Why Choose Us

      • Fully Qualified infrastructure and platforms for your data and applications
      • Integratable Disaster Recovery service
      • Highly experienced support
      • Full library of platform Qualification documentation
      • Compliance integration experts