Validated Cloud is a Life Science Services Company purpose built for our industry. GxP Compliant Cloud is only the beginning...

Validated Cloud Pricing

Validated Cloud pricing is based on resources, licensing and services. We are often compared to publicly available commercial clouds. The comparison can only be made at the resource level for such items as CPU, RAM, Disk and bandwidth as the public cloud doesn’t offer complementary services. Unlike large public cloud providers, you can inspect and perform a proper audit of our facilities and services. In addition, we will provide governmental regulatory audit defense for all of the services we provide.

When comparing resource pricing of Validated Cloud to public cloud pricing, Validated Cloud is a little higher price compared to the predefined public cloud available server templates. BUT, there are a few additional considerations which level the playing field.

Order / Project Pricing:

Validated Cloud applies cumulative discounts per order (or project). For example, if you deploy a six-server LIMS environment, Validated Cloud counts all of the RAM, CPU and Disk resources and applies a discount as they fall into pricing tiers. The more resources consumed, the greater the discount. When deploying six servers in the public cloud, it is the cumulative template price without a discount.

Change of Business Need:

Validated Cloud offers preferential 3-year pricing similar to the public cloud vendors. When purchasing public cloud servers, the purchaser is locked in for 100% of the 3-year fees due. Validated Cloud prefers to partner with our customer and only charges 60% of the remaining term, or the resources can be re-provisioned to a new project in the form of new systems.

Validated Cloud is in the business of helping Pharmaceutical companies navigate IT compliance as a trusted service.


Validated Cloud provides commonly needed licensing from such vendors as Microsoft, Oracle and Citrix. Validated Cloud has a huge library of qualification scripts to install many commonly used applications that interact with validated systems.


Over 90% of Validated Cloud customers subscribe to Platform as a Service (PaaS). This GxP compliant PaaS service allows our customers to focus on their applications and data and leave all of the routine activities to our IT and Quality teams to manage. This collaboration works well as our customers are freed up to work on important business initiatives and leave the required IT/compliance work to us.

Public cloud just can’t provide these value added services. Public cloud providers leave almost all of the work on the shoulders of the customer for compliance, IT teams.

Validated Cloud’s infrastructure is fully Qualified and under a formal 21 CFR Part 820 QMS to meed FDA and Annex 11 requirements. Every customer has their own private network. Validated Cloud is perfect for FDA Open or Closed systems.

Send us your system requirements and we’ll send you back a quote

Validated Cloud makes everything we do easy for our customers, less expensive. and we scale!

Validated Cloud is fully configurable, highly secure and compliant

  • QA Documentation Ongoing Review Portal
  • Optional Disaster Recovery to another Validated Cloud datacenter
  • Configurable backup plans
  • Add managed services to create a turn-key solution
  • A huge library of IQ/OQ for Operating systems, Databases, Citrix and Web servers available