GxP Private Cloud

Validated Cloud has an offering for customers that want a physical Qualified infrastructure that is completely separated from the Validated Cloud community platform. This solution is designed for the ultimate in segregation, with private line connections, scalable infrastructures, and that is fully compliant and ready to use. This environment is fully customizable for the size of your organization. We have solutions to work with your budget requirements when it comes to expense. Validated Cloud can balance the CAPEX/OPEX to fit your budget.

Security: Firewalls (Traditional), Layer-7, IDS, IPS, DLP and Encryption

Compute: Fully Qualified Virtualization stack and physical systems where needed

Storage: Scalable storage to match storage and IOPs requirements

Management Tools: Syslog server for long-term audit trails, patch management, Antivirus, Backup platform and Monitoring

Secure Datacenter: Sleep well knowing that the datacenter’s physical security, electricity and cooling is constantly being audited, verified and maintained.

Why Are We The Best?

With Validated Cloud, you control all access to your systems. Any changes to the environment are approved by the customer.
When your validated infrastructure is hosted in Validated Cloud, your data is backed up automatically. Stop doing manual backups.
Corporate networks have rules and push changes into the GxP network. By moving your validated applications and data into Validated Cloud, you control changes and configurations.
Physically Separate GxP Private Cloud

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Hosting


The two most important tenets to Validated Cloud are Security and Compliance. Your private cloud will have all of the security architected into the solution. A robust QMS with a deep library of IQ/OQs, SOPs and Design Specifications that will speed you to a GxP private cloud that is fully defendable and secure.

GxP Private Cloud - Validated Cloud

Advanced security and monitoring available


Validated Cloud offers a range of support options from a complete support solution to one that is limited to remote hands operations only. Our highly trained staff will help design your solution, fully qualify it, and deploy your solution with all of the documentation and objective evidence needed. Leverage the Validated Cloud QMS, QA, Technical, Application and regulatory support for a one-stop experience to get up and running quickly.