Validated Cloud is open for business during this virus self-quarantine period. We understand how important it is to maintain deadlines. Validated Cloud is operating very well in Business Continuity mode. As of March 16th 2020, only remote audits via our online audit portal are available for existing customers or interested parties. Otherwise it is business as usual. Stay Safe.
EU Privacy Shield has been invalidated. The validated Validated Cloud platform and Services do not reside on a public cloud platform. We are committed to following the current regulations in both the EU and the US. Please see our Privacy Shield page for details how we work with our European customers.   Click here

Validated Cloud is 100% Dedicated to Supporting the Life Sciences

We are exclusively focused on the Life Sciences and provide the the full service solution our industry needs.

Clinical Heading to Commercial

Clinical trials are looking good and it is time to ramp up.

Compliance Accelerator

Validated Cloud provides a matured quality system, GxP IT staff, and Life Science Quality oversight to get you going.

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21 CFR Part 11 and GxP SaaS Provider

Software is your forte and GxP IT is not.

GxP Cloud and Support

The compliant hardware, support and service to push your solution to the next level.

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Looking to Reduce Costs

Do-it-yourself is costing more than you ever imagined.

Outsourcing to Experts

Find value with an infrastructure and service that is 100% dedicated to Life Sciences.

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Validated Cloud vs. Public Cloud. There's a clear winner.

Qualified and auditable infrastructure, managed backups and security are just a few features Validated Cloud offers that Public Cloud does not.
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Why We Exist

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Our Story

In 2008, a somewhat innocent question was asked of one of the founders: Where can I host one or two validated systems? After extensive searching, there really wasn’t a clear answer. The founders and core Validated Cloud team had built compliant internal clouds for pharmaceuticals and medical device companies, but these were for big organizations with large budgets and teams. How could a company get access to a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant infrastructure, with Quality oversight, and GxP hosting and support?

The founders and Validated Cloud team came out of pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical devices, and consisted of a team of Quality, Validation, Technical Architects and Technical Engineering specialists.  The team aimed to solve this need for small and emerging Life Sciences companies in search of a suitable partner to host their validated systems. The team spent the next year and a half creating and maturing the Quality System and installing the first Validated Cloud infrastructure. Shortly thereafter, the first change control was closed and Validated Cloud’s Head of Quality announced we were ready to successfully withstand GxP audits. Validated Cloud was open for business!

Several years later our team still is working to continually make our Quality System better, improve our security, and keep our technology current. Validated Cloud has grown from a single rack of equipment to multiple data centers in the US and EU. Our original mission to help those who need a place for one or two validated systems is still core to our business, and we never make those customers feel small or neglected. From a single server to large scale deployments, all customers receive the same attention and exemplary service.

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Be Part of the Solution

When you are partnered with Validated Cloud, you are part of a special community. The relationships we have with our customers are special. We understand your mission and our goal is to help you get there in the most efficient way possible. Those who have experienced other solutions come back to Validated Cloud where they know they are important.  With Validated Cloud you’re more than a number. Let us help you reach your goals, make your medicines, and create novel therapies to help heal those in need.


The Validated Cloud Deployment Process

It’s no secret that Life Science companies need to adhere to strict regulations. Having a compliant place to store regulated applications and data is critical.

Taking a do-it-yourself approach can be appealing, however, most companies overlook the expense associated with the ongoing operation and maintenance of a compliant environment.

Validated Cloud is the premier provider of Life Science hosting and services. We consistently return value to our customers over the life of the relationship.

Find out why our best customer is an educated customer. 

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Validated Cloud is 100% Dedicated to Supporting the Life Sciences

We are exclusively focused on the Life Sciences and provide the the full service solution our industry needs.

We Are Highly Knowledgeable

Our Service is Friendly and Kind

Our Support is Responsive Now and Ongoing

Reliable Teams From Quality Through Engineering