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  • Physically Separate GxP Private Cloud

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Validated Cloud’s Software as a Service (SaaS) is the complete turn-key solution. The infrastructure, database, operating system, application and other supporting platforms are completely managed by Validated Cloud. The support team at Validated Cloud has experience supporting more than 300 scientific applications both in the field and hosted in our cloud. The SaaS option is the perfect solution for a company without an IT or technical support staff or that is looking to offload support from an existing overloaded staff. The Validated Cloud support staff becomes your GxP application support team managing all aspects of the application and validated state.

Avoid Distributed SaaS (if possible)

The SaaS movement has hit the life sciences and consumers are looking at validated SaaS to replace in-house deployments. This will certainly bring a new problem. The consumer of the SaaS service is inevitably responsible for the outsourced service. This will impact the Quality, IT and Tech Ops groups as they will spend an inordinate amount of time barnstorming to audit their vendors to verify that they are still operating within compliance. Dense-packing applications into a single location will reduce the audit tour and having these applications dense-packed will allow the integration between applications to occur much more easily.

Every Validated Cloud customer receives its own SOP to manage all aspects of its private cloud. Validated Cloud supports applications in our cloud. The SOP governing our support activities is a controlled document that the customer signs and customers can audit our activities. Our transparent operations allow our customers to completely understand what we do and how we do it. Objective evidence is captured where required and routine operations become part of your SOP.

  • Simplify the support of your Validated application by putting application support and system support into one contact.
  • Control all aspects of your support with your SOP.
The biggest selling point that a SaaS vendor has is its expertise with the application or service. This boils down to support. When you purchase the software, you will inevitably purchase a support agreement as well. The routine administrative actions should be easily managed by the consumer, vendor or a third party. Validated Cloud will operate as the Tier 1 and 2 support for applications and rely on the vendor support agreement for any issue requiring the vendor’s involvement. If you are unhappy about a Quality audit of a SaaS vendor, move the application into Validated Cloud where the underlying compliant state and application support is our business.
Validated Cloud becomes your single point of contact for all support and change requests for your Validated application(s). Our staff will manage the entire process including working with compliance, third parties and vendors. Having one solution provider for your validated application(s) makes budgeting easier as well as managing changes to the environment.

Why Choose Us

      • Experienced supporting more than 300 commercial scientific applications
      • Single point of contact for all aspects of the Validated environment
      • Integrated application, database and server support so that nothing falls between the cracks
      • Validation and Quality oversight
      • Customer sign-off for complete control of operations