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Options For A Hosted SAS Server

When faced with the choice of either leveraging SAS® On-Demand services or bringing everything in-house, there's a third alternative for the best of both worlds – Validated Cloud. SAS provides a full end-to-end solution, but you pay a premium for their service. Those who are in need of hosted SAS and who examine hosting it [...]

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GxP Managed Services with Validated Cloud

Validated Cloud is opening up our GxP service capabilities and extending our service model to our customer's sites. We've prepared our Validation, Application and System support teams and trained them to support GxP systems throughout their entire lifecycle at client sites using a hybrid model of onsite and remote support.  By leveraging the Validated Cloud [...]

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Fully Qualified MOSS Customization & Business-Critical Multi-Tenancy

Validated Cloud can provide your company with a fully qualified MOSS collaboration portal.  With a particular specialty in compliance, our consultants have a long history of satisfying our clients' needs and we'll work together to define the requirements that are needed to further enable your business. In doing so, we can build a standard system, [...]

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SharePoint for Life Sciences on Validated Cloud

SharePoint has been deployed within Validated Cloud - a hosted platform that has been documented and fully qualified according to Quality System, GxP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations and is open for audits down to the bare metal. Validated Cloud has written IQ, OQ and SOPs to provide fully document and defend-able infrastructure, [...]

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Validated SharePoint for the Life Sciences – Fully Qualified MOSS

Validaed SharePoint is Perfect For: Business-critical and compliance-critical data. Documentation and record storage. Collaboration with partners (especially CRO and CMO). Process workflows. For companies that are tethered to regulated FDA-compliance and wish to use SharePoint as an entry-level validation lifecycle management solution or need to store their validation documentation in a common place for collaboration, [...]

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Complementary Value-Added Services

When your application is deployed in a three- or four-tiered solution (which includes separate environments for development, testing, validation and production), we've recognized that shutting down certain environments when they're not in use can help our clients further control costs. This processes and others are bound in client specific SOPs. MUSA's Validated Cloud becomes a [...]

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MUSA’s Validated Cloud is Unique

There are a few FDA 21 CFR Part 11 electronic record compliant hosting companies in the marketplace, but MUSA's Validated Cloud adds value that extends beyond 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Value-Added Benefits of MUSA's Validated Cloud: FDA Compliant Cloud Computing. Wrapped in a governing CFR 21 Part 820 compliant quality system. Deployed and documented [...]

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Validated Cloud Value Proposition

For those companies that must, as a condition of doing business, meet the challenges inherent in regulatory compliance, deploying a validated environment is a costly investment (but also a necessary requirement). Compliance ought not to be a capital concern, but rather an operational expenditure.  Business functions within these companies are currently realizing substantial savings by [...]

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Rock Solid Quality Documentation

Deviations do occur, requiring that you then pause to document the deviations - this can create delays and disorganization in the execution. On occasion, on-site test environments have corrupted and contaminated production servers invalidating business-critical systems and leading to lost productivity. Connect securely to your test environment on Validated Cloud, leaving your production server both [...]

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Validated System Development Lifecycle

If you're outgrowing your current infrastructure, you can leverage Validated Cloud for all stages in the System Development Lifecycle, thereby creating a robust testing and archival environment through virtualization. From Testing Through Archiving: Virtualize or make clones of your physical and virtual validated systems. Mirror the dependencies of your production environment in a test or [...]

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