GxP Software Company looking to implement a Validated SaaS

Software companies that produce validate-able software and want a place to host a validated SaaS solution have a home with Validated Cloud. With datacenters located on both coasts of North America, and the UK, we are able to cover regional needs and also provide your customers with true geographic disaster recovery. Our fully redundant environment was designed to create maximum availability for your GxP SaaS solution. Validated Cloud partners with GxP SaaS providers so there aren’t any gaps in service to the customer.

Why Are We The Best?

Validated Cloud provides the compliant platform that your customers expect with the controls and security they need. We deploy the platforms, you install your application, and your SaaS business is fully functional.
Our Validated Cloud architects will work with your team to design an architecture that best suits your SaaS solution.
Validated Cloud is open for audits of the datacenters as well as our Quality system. The Quality system audits can be in person or online to help limit travel and speed up the process.
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Validated Cloud allows you to focus on producing high-quality validated software. Our sales support team will work with your sales team to support them in the platform component of any quote. We’ll give you the tools to help price your validated SaaS offering and be successful.

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Integrated Support

The Validated Cloud support team will integrate with your support team and present a single point of contact and accountability that your customers will expect. Your validated SaaS offering will have the unified support it needs.


Geographic Reach

Choose to host your SaaS service out of our East Coast, West Coast or both datacenters. Having two fully qualified datacenters allows us to service the entire country and reach outside of North America. The two datacenters allow true disaster recovery that your customers may demand.

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Validated Cloud is your preferred partner for a GxP SaaS platform

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