Veeam® is a great product! GxP Veeam is a Validated Cloud documented installation of Veeam and is used to manage much of the backup and disaster recovery within Validated Cloud. Validated data requires special handling from a process and security perspective. Validated Cloud provides an interface to securely receive both Veeam offsite backups and also server replication for disaster recovery. Validated Cloud fully qualified its Veeam installation, operates in accordance to our related SOPs, trained personnel on the SOPs and all changes are under a formal FDA-style change control system – this is how we offer our GxP Veeam services.


Validated Cloud presents GxP Veeam®


GxP Veeam Offsite Backup Location: Don’t let your data room be the single point of failure. Tapes are unreliable and take time to recall from offsite. Replicate your backups of Validated servers, data and applications to Validated Cloud. The Validated Cloud GxP Veeam back up target service allows you to backup data offsite and test restores to a secure discrete location. Validated Cloud is a fully FDA-compliant service.

…or if you need more than offsite backups:

GxP Veeam Disaster Recovery Services: Veeam allows you to replicate systems offsite for fast recovery. In the event of a disaster, Validated Cloud offers a completely qualified infrastructure, with the experienced staff to get your systems operational and accessible so that you can keep running your business. Fully documented annual tests are included in our service with customizable recovery requirements (RTO/RPO).

The process is easy to integrate and to get operational quickly. Customizations are not an issue. Geographic diversity of our datacenters allows you to pick a suitable location to meet your requirements. Get pricing or start the process now – Email us now for more information!

Veeam Backup and Replication™ software is provided by Veeam Software. The GxP designation of Veeam is not a product of Veeam Software. Validated Cloud has created the expected FDA-style documentation around the installation qualification, operation qualification and standard operating procedures designed for Backups, Recovery and Disaster Recovery. This documentation was created to support GCP, GLP and GMP backup, recovery and disaster recovery requirements of the Life Sciences.