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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are both required by US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU EudraLex Annex 11 and UK MHRA. The Validated Cloud Disaster Recovery service, or “DRaaS” is one of our core services and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The critical nature of DR probably the most overlooked for compliance, effectiveness and testing. When was the last time you ran a Disaster Recovery test? Validated data is critical to the drug commercialization process. Protecting the clinical data from fire, flood, storm or other disaster is an obligation. Validated Cloud is a fully Qualified hosting environment easily configured to back up your Validated system and crucial data and protect it with our tested DRaaS services. Physical and virtual systems located on premise can be backed up to our facility. Validated Cloud also manages the annual Disaster Recovery test and will provide you with all of the supporting documentation. Validated Cloud offers the complete validated Disaster Recovery solution.


DRaaS Pre-defined Service or Customized Solutions

Validated Cloud offers solutions for companies of all sizes. With DRaaS, your validated data and applications are made available quickly so that your your business can continue. Validated Cloud has multiple locations to provide geographic options for any location in North America. In the unfortunate event of a disaster, there may be a period of time when your systems will need to run from one of our datacenters. Have the peace of mind to know that your systems are running in a fully Qualified and compliant environment.

Experienced Validated Cloud personnel with work with you and your team to gather all of the business requirements. Requirements include documentation that needs to be updated, bandwidth requirements, user access to a system that has been failed to our facility and checklists needed before the system is available to the users. Disaster Recovery test scripts should capture and verify that the systems are operational as expected.

  • Disaster Recovery tests should be performed annually.
  • Once DRaaS is implemented, the overhead on the business is reduced and business-critical validated data is protected.
The Validated Cloud team will help you design the solution to meet your needs. Once all of the requirements are gathered and documented, the design team puts together an outline for how the DRaaS service will integrate with your critical systems, processes and procedures. The design team will work with your team to verify that all of the pieces are in place for a successful integration. The design step will require the approval of all parties in the process to help ensure its success.
The hosted DRaaS environment will receive its own System Design Specification (SDS) as part of its Qualification process. Any hosted systems such as domain controllers, mirrored database servers or other support systems will be included in the Qualification process. The customer will sign off on the SDS and this will initiate the opening of the change control to start the integration.

  • Disaster Recovery fail-over can last a day or months. The DR location will need to operate independently for an undetermined period of time.
  • Validated Cloud will assist with Qualification of common platforms as well as less common platforms to meet your business requirements.
The integration process will connect the customer network with the Qualified Validated Cloud network. There are various connectivity methods such as VPN, private line, MPLS, VPLS or other connectivity methods. The transmission lines are tested for throughput by the Validated Cloud staff. We will verify that the data and system(s) that are part of the Disaster Recovery process are reachable from Validated Cloud. For larger organizations, the customer network will need to be configured to verify that all users of the data and systems can reach the Validated Cloud DR network.
The data and system(s) will be synchronized between the customer site and the Qualified datacenter. This process can be done over the internet, private line or using a seeding device such as a portable NAS. The DRaaS schedule will be closely monitored for any bottlenecks, business impact and successful synchronizations.

  • The synchronization process will be monitored and managed by Validated Cloud.
After the DRaaS service is up and running and fully synchronized, Validated Cloud will perform the first controlled Disaster Recovery test. Validated Cloud personnel verify the system(s) are recoverable. Reports are generated – including all objective evidence regarding the test. Validated Cloud delivers the reports to the customer upon request. Any changes or deviations in the process will be captured, the execution steps updated and process updated. The next event being real or another test will then go according to plan.

Why Choose Us

      • Fully Qualified environment to host your validated data
      • Secure locations
      • Scalable to meet your business needs
      • Stay in compliance with annual tests
      • Peace of mind that critical data is secure