SharePoint has been deployed within Validated Cloud – a hosted platform that has been documented and fully qualified according to Quality System, GxP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations and is open for audits down to the bare metal. Validated Cloud has written IQ, OQ and SOPs to provide fully document and defend-able infrastructure, platform and SharePoint. Our library significantly reduce the cost of validation.  SharePoint for Life Sciences on Validated Cloud is a perfect solution for holding regulated and compliant data.

The surging interest in data integrity by the FDA is putting more and more pressure on the industry to provide end-to-end defend-able solutions. Validated Cloud provides the FDA compliant hosting, platform and related services. The SharePoint for Life Sciences solution is perfect for internal use or collaborative use with sponsors, or vendors.

Using the most common SaaS model SharePoint can leave the customer in an uncontrolled and unqualified environment. This instance of SharePoint isn’t even backed up by default! Comparing public cloud to Validated Cloud is comparing apples and oranges. Validated Cloud is a Life Science services organization on a mission to make compliance and technology easy to adopt.