Validated Cloud is opening up our GxP service capabilities and extending our service model to our customer’s sites. We’ve prepared our Validation, Application and System support teams and trained them to support GxP systems throughout their entire lifecycle at client sites using a hybrid model of onsite and remote support.  By leveraging the Validated Cloud GxP Managed Services support model, core IT can focus on their specialty – the enterprise – while Validated Cloud handles our specialty – compliance systems. Validated Cloud’s IaaS/PaaS architecture becomes a hybrid cloud option for growth, Disaster Recovery and GxP system encapsulation.

Problem Benefit of Our Solution
GxP systems commonly rely on core IT for various dependencies – thus hindering needed IT lifecycle changes and ballooning IT budgets. Begin a program of GxP system separation from corporate resources – breaking the bonds and freeing corporate IT.
Oftentimes, IT staffs work on GxP systems on a part-time basis. Vigilance to SOPs can wane when Quality isn’t watching. Validated Cloud applications and systems support personnel are dedicated to working with GxP systems fulltime.
Staffing to fit both the needs of core IT and the support needs of GxP systems and applications can be a challenge for small to midsize companies. Small to midsize companies can benefit from a staffing model that includes GxP specialists who work on these systems every day.

 Let Validated Cloud provide your GxP Managed Services and free your internal IT staff to help move your business infrastructure forward.