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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Rock Solid Quality Documentation

Deviations do occur, requiring that you then pause to document the deviations - this can create delays and disorganization in the execution. On occasion, on-site test environments have corrupted and contaminated production servers invalidating business-critical systems and leading to lost productivity. Connect securely to your test environment on Validated Cloud, leaving your production server both [...]

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Validated System Development Lifecycle

If you're outgrowing your current infrastructure, you can leverage Validated Cloud for all stages in the System Development Lifecycle, thereby creating a robust testing and archival environment through virtualization. From Testing Through Archiving: Virtualize or make clones of your physical and virtual validated systems. Mirror the dependencies of your production environment in a test or [...]

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Risk Assessments in the Cloud

IT managers often run into conflict when their data center resources reach capacity. If demand for business-enabling solutions is also steady, budgets remain tight and can prohibit capital investment. Those of us in the Life Sciences industry must take the additional precautions of ensuring that we're following regulatory and governmental compliance standards. Computing resources can [...]

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Flexing OPEX instead of CAPEX

Hardware, software and the validation required for those systems can make for a costly capital investment in licenses, technology, time and salaries. The typical enterprise system can take months to deploy - from project planning and requirements gathering, through software installation and validation, to the point where the system is ready to be used and [...]

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Extending Regulatory Platform – Compartmentalizing For The Future

Having a connection to an FDA-compliant cloud can make the compartmentalization of legacy systems easier. Deep archiving of data on reliable and replicated disk arrays is a better option than tape. Creating logical walls around individual systems to protect legacy systems will extend their availability. Being proactive in managing legacy regulated applications and data will [...]

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