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Monthly Archives: April 2011


Regulated Data Backup Is Needed Seven Years After The Drug Is Off the Shelf

Manufacturing data, Research, Clinical Trails, Submissions ... the list of things creating data is long. Where is this data being backed up? Is this generally static "write once, read never" data continually being written to tape? Expensive internal disk arrays mixed with corporate data? Are redundant backups being written to media and shipped offsite never [...]

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Legacy Compliant Systems – An Anchor To The Past

Older physical systems take a disproportionate amount of management attention and suffer from replacement parts becoming extremely expensive and slow to be delivered. Typically these systems are running on Sun, Windows NT and even Windows 2000. In order for IT to meet the demands of the business, IT needs to propel the infrastructure forward by [...]

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Regulated Storage – Archiving Applications and Data

Legacy applications and regulated data can be an albatross to an IT department. Users need to occasionally access these legacy systems (typically "read-only"), but the hardware, operating systems or applications are no longer supported. Regulated data sits on filesystems and continually get backed up over and over again before being shipped offsite. Typically, these backups [...]

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Limited Resources and Cloud Enablement

Large capital projects are under increasing scrutiny and company departments, especially IT, are being pressured to deliver more with limited resources. Validated Cloud can help to amortize the migration (and even the compliance) portion of the project. When it comes time to deploy systems in a large environment, the cross-department dependencies can be prohibitive and [...]

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Split Cloud

The technical migration into a cloud is fairly routine. By leveraging an unregulated cloud to host the majority of systems, a company can reap the benefits of the cloud. This migration can be a virtual forklift done fairly quickly with minimal impact to the users and the quality of service. By leveraging a split cloud [...]

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Life Cycle Management

Deploying regulated applications within a virtual environment is a somewhat new concept. This means that the vast majority of systems out there are running on hardware that is about to outlive its maintenance warranty. Companies face several choices when dealing with life cycle management: migrate the application to new hardware; deploy the same (or newer) [...]

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Validated Cloud Migration

Should you order a forklift and immediately move all of your validated systems into a compliance cloud? For companies with dozens (or hundreds) of validated systems, the short answer Unless your company has a large amount of capital and an army of Quality and Validation personnel working around the clock, there is a better [...]

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If your company is about to deploy a regulated application or running out of resources, the pain associated with capital projects can be avoided by using the cloud. Minimize the project startup costs (optimize CAPEX vs OPEX), avoid future capital expenditures to expand services, and allow the power of the cloud to scale with your [...]

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